An Ecosystem of Innovation

At Penn, innovation is everywhere.

For me innovation is finding ways of doing things differently, that make the world better.

Innovation is about creation. Novel ideas coming together.

When bold new ideas change fields.

When new ideas make impact in society.

Innovation is in Penn's DNA. Benjamin Franklin. He created us as an institution to do practical things. To serve the good of society.

Everything innovative Penn does, we do to advance knowledge for good in the world. Penn is ranked so highly as an innovative university in the world because of the effort that's been put in over decades to attract top notch faculty to provide them the resources to pursue their intellectual passions and the infrastructure to enable those ideas to be patented to be licensed, to be put into companies so that they can in fact flourish.

Faculty come here because we have an innovative ecosystem and they know they can have an impact quickly.

Relationships between Penn and industry is really a win win proposition.

I think corporate partnerships are very very important for university research and for commercialization.

Penn has always been an interdisciplinary environment.

It means no matter where you are in the humanities social sciences, natural sciences. Your colleagues in other fields, are right next door willing and excited to work with you long-term about how to find solutions. And so I think that helps to create the innovative impulse and atmosphere that defines this place.

Facilities are an extremely important aspect of what we do to support innovation. The Pennovation center is a perfect example of a new approach to recruiting faculty who are interested in translational work.

I think if you want to attract top talent you have to create meaningful spaces. Spaces where people can come together for interaction. New places for innovation and entrepreneurship. Like the energy science, and technology building. VentureLab which would be housed in Tangen Hall. Places where you walk in, and suddenly your brain goes into overdrive.

Our facilities have transformed the campus. Particularly the medical campus. So we've got medical education, clinical care, and research all within one complex. We're now building the new patient pavilion. It'll be one of the largest projects in the history of Philadelphia. And it's designed for the future of healthcare for the next 50 to 75 years.

True the, Penn Center for innovation that Amy started. With that leadership, led to multiple new spin out companies from the University of Pennsylvania that are commercializing the therapies that we the faculty here develop and then become available to the public. We're gonna continue to see new innovations because we really do have a virtuous cycle going here.

Penn is on a very positive upward trajectory.

I think the future of the university is to continue to build on all of those successes.

It's an exciting time at Penn right now. You can just sense all of this creative energy on campus. The momentum is palpable.

If it's new, if it's novel, then it holds promise to change the world. You'll find it at Penn.