Offices & Services

A complete directory of the administrative offices and services that keep the Penn community moving.

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Frequently cited as an outstanding employer, Penn’s Division of Human Resources strives to provide employees with all the resources they need for career growth and personal wellness. Whether employees are looking to enhance their skills, explore academic interests, build retirement savings or develop a healthy lifestyle, Penn HR can help.

Faculty, Staff, and Retirees

Access resources that will help you excel personally and professionally.

Careers at Penn

Explore career opportunities, find job openings, and submit applications online.

Penn Benefits

Information about Penn’s extensive employee benefit program.


Peruse HR's year-round calendar of informational and wellness events.


The cloud-based Workday @ Penn gives University faculty and staff a single touchpoint for managing benefits, payroll, Paid Time Off, and more.

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Penn's Business Services Division (BSD) provides the leadership, business practices, facilities, and services needed to develop and maintain a hospitable, community-friendly and service-oriented campus environment. Below is a small selection of the Division’s services.


Procurement services for the University community.

Child Care

The Penn Children's Center provides care for children ages three months to five years old.


Transit information for travel on campus, in University City and around Philadelphia.

University ID

PennCard policies and services, including PennCash, building access, network IDs and passwords.

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Information Systems & Computing (ISC) staff work closely with IT organizations across the University to create, deliver, and support products and services that help each school and center operate more effectively. Some of the many resources and services ISC provides are listed below.


Find user-specific information about services ISC offers to Penn faculty, staff, students, alumni and guests.


Extensive online resources and a list of University-wide programs provided by ISC’s Office of Information Security.


Information about Penn’s various collaborative IT groups that are managed and supported by ISC.


Order a service, ask a question, or report a problem.

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Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity
Information about Penn’s policies, programs, and resources in the areas of affirmative action and equal opportunity.

African-American Resource Center
Penn’s AARC offers numerous services and workshops to enhance the quality of life for African-American administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

Audit, Compliance, and Privacy
Information about Penn’s on-campus services regarding internal controls, information privacy, and compliance, as well as related online resources.

Communications and Media Services
Information about the University’s communications services, publications, and media outlets.

Event Planning
A complete online resource for planning an event or reserving a space on campus.

Faculty and Staff Organizations
A list of forums and communities where faculty and staff can congregate to discuss issues of common interest.

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President’s Center

The mission of the President's Center is to support the President, the trustees, and the officers of the University; to assist the faculty, students, and staff in their teaching, research, and service activities; and to advance excellence at Penn.

President's Center
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Division of Public Safety

The mission of the Division of Public Safety is to enhance the quality of life, safety, and security at Penn by delivering a comprehensive and integrated safety and security program in partnership with the community it serves.

Division of Public Safety

General Counsel
The Office of the General Counsel handles all legal matters pertaining to the University and Penn Medicine.

Penn Libraries
Explore Penn’s extensive library collections and online resources.

Residential Services
The definitive resource for living on and off campus.

Student Services
Information on all aspects of student life, from housing, health, and wellness to employment and student organizations.

University Policies
The rules and regulations that govern faculty, staff and students across the University.

Transportation and Parking
Helpful resources for traveling to, from, and around campus, as well as an interactive parking map and a comprehensive list of parking locations.