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Penn A – Z is an alphabetical listing of recognized University entities, including departments, programs, publications, organizations, and services.

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  1. S.S. Huebner Foundation for Insurance Education

  2. Sachs Program for Arts Innovation

  3. Say Yes to Education Volunteer Organization

  4. Scheie Eye Institute

  5. Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image

  6. Schoenberg Institute for Manuscripts Studies

  7. School Study Councils, Center for

  8. Science and Operations Management, Fishman-Davidson Center for

  9. Science and Technology Wing (STWing)

  10. Science, Technology and Society Major

  11. Secretary, Office of the University

  12. Secure Share

  13. SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management (Wharton School)

  14. Service requests/problem reporting (faculty and staff)

  15. Service requests/problem reporting (students)

  16. Shabbatones, The

  17. Shops at Penn

  18. Sigma Kappa Sorority

  19. Sigma Psi Zeta

  20. Silfen Forum

  21. Six Directions (Natives at Penn)

  22. Slavic Languages and Literature, Department of

  23. Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology, Center for

  24. SNF Paideia Program

  25. Social Media @ Penn

  26. Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC)

  27. Social Policy & Practice, School of

  28. Social Science Computing

  29. Sociology, Department of

  30. Software Licensing, Office of

  31. South Asia at Penn

  32. South Asia Center

  33. South Asia Society

  34. South Asia Studies Department

  35. Statistics Department

  36. Steinberg Conference Center

  37. Stimulus Children's Theater

  38. Stouffer College House

  39. Structure of Matter, Laboratory for Research on the (LRSM)

  40. Student Activities Council (SAC)

  41. Student Affairs, Office of

  42. Student Agencies, Penn

  43. Student Conduct, Code of

  44. Student Conduct, Office of

  45. Student Disabilities Services

  46. Student Employment Office

  47. Student Financial Services

  48. Student Government, Penn

  49. Student Health Service

  50. Student Intervention Services

  51. Student Newspaper - The Daily Pennsylvanian

  52. Student Nurses at Penn (SNAP)

  53. Student Performing Arts

  54. Summer at Penn

  55. Summer Mentorship Program Plus

  56. Support on Site (ISC)

  57. Surgery Education

  58. Surgery, Department of

  59. Surgical Oncology

  60. Sustainability at Penn

  61. Synchronized Swimming

  62. Systems Engineering/Operations (ISC)