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Penn A – Z is an alphabetical listing of recognized University entities, including departments, programs, publications, organizations, and services.

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  1. Radiation Safety

  2. Radiology, Department of

  3. Rare Book & Manuscript Library (Kislak Center)

  4. Reach A Peer Helpline (RAP)

  5. Real Estate Department (Wharton)

  6. Recreation, Department

  7. Recycling

  8. Regional Laser and Biomedical Technology Laboratories

  9. Registrar, Office of the

  10. Regulatory Affairs, Office of

  11. Religious Studies, Department of

  12. Reproduction and Women's Health, Center for Research on

  13. ResComp (College Housing Computing)

  14. Research Foundation Funding Guidelines

  15. Research Instrumentation Shop

  16. Research Services, Office of

  17. Research, Office of the Vice Provost for

  18. Residential Services

  19. Responsible Conduct, Principles of

  20. Rheumatology Division (Medicine)

  21. Riepe College House

  22. Risk Management and Decision Processes Center of the Wharton School

  23. Risk Management and Insurance, Office of

  24. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program, The

  25. Rodin College House

  26. Roller Hockey Club

  27. Romance Languages, Department of

  28. Russian and East European Studies, Department of

  29. Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies Working Group

  30. Ryu Kyu Kempo Club