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Penn A – Z is an alphabetical listing of recognized University entities, including departments, programs, publications, organizations, and services.

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  1. Mack Institute for Innovation Management

  2. MAGPI GigaPoP

  3. Mail Service (Penn Mail Service)

  4. Major Advising Program (MAP)

  5. Making History: The Campaign for Penn

  6. Making History: The Campaign for Penn: Final Report

  7. Makuu Black Cultural Center

  8. Management and International Studies, Lauder Institute of

  9. Management and Technology, The Jerome Fisher Program in

  10. Management Department

  11. Management Policy, Strategy and Organization, Reginald H. Jones Center for

  12. Management, SEI Center for Advanced Studies in (Wharton School)

  13. Marketing Department

  14. Marketing Undergraduate Students

  15. Mask and Wig Club

  16. Master of Public Health Program

  17. Masters of Science in Health Policy Research

  18. Materials Science and Engineering

  19. Mathematics, Department of

  20. Mathematics-Physics-Astronomy Library

  21. MBA Program for Executives

  22. McNeil Center for Early American Studies

  23. Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

  24. Medical Center/Health System

  25. Medical Image Processing Group

  26. Medical Physics Programs

  27. Medicine and Engineering, Institute for (IME)

  28. Medicine, Department of

  29. Medicine, Perelman School of

  30. Medieval Studies @ Penn

  31. Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

  32. Men's Club Soccer Team

  33. Men's Club Tennis

  34. Men's Ice Hockey Club

  35. Men's Rugby

  36. Men's Volleyball

  37. Mental Health Policy and Services Research, Center for

  38. Metabolic Magnetic Resonance Research and Computing Center

  39. Mexico@Penn

  40. Micro-fabrication Laboratory

  41. Microarray Facility

  42. Microbiology, Department of

  43. Middle East Center Program

  44. mindCORE

  45. Model Congress

  46. Molecular Studies in Digestive Disease, Center for

  47. Morris Arboretum

  48. Multi-Media and Educational Technology Services (SAS - MMETS)

  49. Musculoskeletal Disorders, Center for

  50. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (The University Museum)

  51. Music Department

  52. Music Library

  53. Musser-Schoemaker Leadership Lecture Series