7 Respect for Privacy and Confidentiality

In their various roles and positions at Penn, faculty, administration and staff become aware of confidential information of many different types. Such information may relate to students, employees, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, research sponsors, licensing partners, patients, and others. Penn faculty, administration and staff are expected to inform themselves about applicable legal, contractual, and policy obligations to maintain the confidentiality of such information, so as to protect it from improper disclosure, and to protect the privacy interests of members of our community.

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Policies, Statements and Guidelines:

Privacy of Personal Information (Policy Related to Information):

Policy of Privacy in the Electronic Environment:

Confidentiality of Employee Records:

Guidelines on the Confidentiality of Student Records:

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Policies regarding HIPAA (Numbers H1-H20):

Pennsylvania Hospital Policies regarding HIPAA (Numbers hip1-hip21):

University of Pennsylvania Health System/University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Information Services Policy on Acceptable Use:

Confidentiality, Access to Information Security University of Pennsylvania Medical Center Policy:

More information on privacy can be obtained at: http://www.vogdanos.com/privacy